HKIOSW - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the 3,000-Hour WOSTEP Program (Certified Watchmaking Course) cost?

The total tuition is HK$60,000. The tuition already covered:

  • Student’s textbook
  • Student’s uniform (slippers, gowns and laundry service)
  • Student's tuition fees.

How many seats are available?

In order to provide a moderate student to teacher ratio, HKIOSW limits to only 6 students per class. This ensures each student is having sufficient learning resources and individual attention.

In what language courses are provided?

Currently, all courses at the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking are taught mainly in English, with Cantonese as supplementary language.

What level of fluency in English is required?

Students at the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking are expected to have basic written and conversational skills in English.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limitation.

Does previous professional experience of apprenticeship equate to a preferred qualification?

The Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking aims to increase the number of young professional watchmakers in Asia Pacific.

All candidates are carefully and objectively screened for their ability to be successful in the program in which they are enrolled and also for their ability to adapt to the culture of the working environment.

Thus, although in some instances previous experience may help a candidate, it is not a prerequisite for admission purpose.

Which documentation is necessary for application?

  • Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport (For international Student)
  • 1 passport photo
  • Completed application form
  • Two reference letters

What is the selection procedure?

The selection procedure includes:

  • Verifying applicant’s qualifications by reviewing documentation and submissions
  • Bench test (classroom exercises)
  • Interview by members of selection committee

Is the attendance mandatory? What is the required daily attendance?

Attendance is mandatory – eligibility to sit for the WOSTEP intermediate and final examinations include a minimum number of classroom contact hours.

What particular skills should applicants have?

Successful applicants must have:

  • Good eye sight
  • Passionate in watchmaking.
  • Ability to sit and concentrate for extended periods of time
  • Steady hands to delicately manipulate small mechanisms, apparatus and components by using specialized instruments, hand tools, and equipments.

What is the main characteristic of the 3,000-Hour WOSTEP Program (Certified Watchmaking Course) compared to others?

The Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking endeavors to provide each student with the personal and professional resources for a successful career in the profession of watchmaking.

The culture of the classrooms at the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking is a student-oriented learning environment focused strongly on strict adherence to the WOSTEP standard and ever striving to increase the technical and professional level of graduates in Hong Kong.

Moreover, the integration of the HKIOSW to our Hong Kong service centre and high complications workshop give our students the unique experience to interact and put into practice what they learn on diagnosis, disassembly, service, and quality control under the supervision of our trainers.

Are there other information sources available?

Please contact our admission office at the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking ( 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。 ) for any enquiries.

How can I reach the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking?

You are always welcome to contact our admission office. Details as follows:

Hong Kong Institute Of Swiss Watchmaking
Admissions Office
Room 2601-2602, 26th Floor
909 Cheung Sha Wan Road,
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fax: +852 2973 0660  / e-mail: 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。

What is WOSTEP?

Please follow the link to WOSTEP’s web site for more information:

How is WOSTEP Certificate recognized?

WOSTEP is the world leader in watchmaker education which gives our successful graduates a significant advantage when applying for a job anywhere in the world. Your WOSTEP certification provides maximum options for employment toward a successful career