NAIOSW - Faculty

Russell Peddy

A watchmaker since 1983, Russ began his career in the retail jewelry store and transitioned in 1989 to the service center environment at Richemont N.A. 
During his tenure in Richemont, Russ has worked in different roles within the organization; at the bench as a watchmaker, technical trainer for Cartier, technical supervisor for the Cartier Aftersales Service Center in Dallas, development and execution of the Richemont Watch Operator Course, and Technical Training Manager.
Russ Peddy’s education consists of Paris Junior College Horology Program and a WOSTEP graduate of 1985 and 2013 holding two Refresher Course Certifications.
Russ has also attended many training courses in watchmaking, polishing, and other WOSTEP courses.
His WOSTEP education, bench experience, training activities, and management perspective, give our students a well-rounded learning experience.
Mr. Peddy participates in NAIOSW as the instructor for the second year of the 3,000 hour Certified Watchmaking Program and the Encasing Technician Course.

Houston Clarke

A watchmaker since 1996, Houston has working experience for both Rolex and Blancpain service centers in the U.S. as well as retail experience in luxury jewelry stores both as an employee and sole proprietor. This broad range of experience gives him the perspective of the large variety of career options with which to share with his students. 

Mr. Clarke’s education consists of Paris Junior College Horology Program and is a WOSTEP Refresher Course graduate of 2010. Houston has demonstrated his commitment to watchmaker education through his education and experience which solidly demonstrates the qualities of a life–long learner.

His students will have a calibrated perspective of the industry and his measure of experience will help guide their career. Houston currently participates in NAIOSW as a contributing full–time member of the faculty team.