NAIOSW - ETC - Alumni


Session 2011 - 2013

Sean Blanco


“Working with my hands is something I have always enjoyed doing. Something that keeps me engaged,” says Sean Blanco.
Sean is fascinated by the history, craftsmanship and quality that each watch possesses. Sean’s father is a watchmaker and also a motivating factor in Sean’s pursuit of the watchmaking industry.

Sean was born and raised in California and spent his time during his childhood building model warships and airplanes. Sean looks forward to applying his skills and patience developed through his model building years to becoming a highly skilled Watch Encasing Technician. Sean’s goal is to give the customer nothing less than the best quality work possible, creating a pride and confidence in whatever brand he is servicing.

Tom Willsher


Tom Willsher has come to the NAIOSW from South London, to learn to become an Encasing Technician. Tom is the son of a watchmaker and is excited about becoming a Watch Encasing Technician.

Tom likes to be different from the majority of people. “In an ever increasing world of mass production and computer generated stimulus, I find watchmaking refreshing in its level of personal involvement. Each watch can be different from the next and provide a new challenge every time.”

Tom comes from an art background where he learned and became familiar with the need for detail and expertise in exceptional finishing.

Tom wants to be the best in his field and to be a help to others within the industry.

Pablo Ortiz


Pablo Ortiz, a native of the Dallas Fort Worth area, loves to work with his hands. While serving our country in the military, Pablo also worked as a mechanic, repairing many of the military vehicles. Pablo likes to take things apart and likes “seeing the guts of a machine and seeing how they work.”

Pablo is fascinated by the intricacies and precision of a watch movement and how everything fits in such a tiny space.

Pablo’s aspirations as an Encasing Technician are to provide a high level of service to the watch industry.

Kevin Kocher


Kevin Kocher has an appreciation for things that are hand crafted and for the people who create them. Kevin is focused and deliberate which are the characteristics that are needed in the watchmaking industry. Kevin has a special appreciation for watches, as Kevin describes, “watches are things made and designed to last forever.”

Kevin is a native of Fort Worth and has always loved to work with his hands whether on cars or carpentry.

Kevin looks forward to exercising his mechanical abilities coupled with his hunting and fishing patience to become a highly skilled Watch Encasing Technician. Kevin is driven and willing to do what it takes to be the best Encasing Technician possible, playing a major role in how the client views the product he is servicing, through high quality repair.

Chuck Roberts


Chuck Roberts possesses an acute attention to detail. This has served the native from Albuquerque New Mexico well as a dental lab specialist. Chuck’s first dental lab job was at the age of 15. Chuck went on later to start his own business as a dental lab specialist.

Chuck has a love and passion for fine detail and craftsmanship.

Chuck is eager to learn new things and is excited about applying his skills and talents in his newfound career path in the watchmaking industry as an Encasing Technician. Chuck’s goal is to go as far as he can within this great industry.