NAIOSW - CWC - Alumni


Robert Lindsay

Robert-LindsayA degree in mathematics and an insatiable interest in fine watches give him a natural path to pursue watchmaking.

Robert Lindsay enrolled in the Certified Watchmaking Program to begin his journey for becoming a watchmaker. Previous jewelry retail experience gives him the motivation to develop his mechanical skills to the level of his mechanical aptitude.

Upon graduation Rob would like to further develop his skills by working for a Swiss Manufacturer either here in the States or in Switzerland.

Robert graduated from NAIOSW Certified Watchmaking Course in March 2011. His current plans are to stay in Texas and work for Richemont Technical Center in Fort Worth.

David Marchant

David-MarchantA solid, international education combined with a passion for watches and old-world craftsmanship motivates David Marchant to become a watchmaker. His background in retail and manufacturing are added benefits as he accomplishes his goals.
A 12th generation American born in Germany, David has an international background which suits this profession well.

Mr. Marchant eagerly anticipates his future growth as a watchmaker at a factory service center in Switzerland, Germany, or the United States upon graduation.

David graduated from NAIOSW Certified Watchmaking Course in March 2011. His current plans are to stay in Texas and work for Richemont Technical Center in Fort Worth.

Yen Vo

Yen Vo2Yen Vo became interested in watchmaking as her career choice while watching her uncle service automatic watches at the store where she was recently employed.

Several years of experience in a retail watch service setting has built a strong ethic of customer service that serves to motivate Yen to become a skilled watchmaker.

She states that an important and fascinating aspect of this the profession is the diversity of skills needed to accomplish each job, including not only hand and eye coordination, but also the skill to use the many tools available in the modern watchmaking workshop.

Moon Choe

Moon Choe likes to be challenged and that is why he is working so hard to become a watchmaker. His fascination with time and precision gives him the motivation to be a student at the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking.

After growing up in southern California, Moon moved to Seattle where he was employed in a Montblanc boutique. His experience in high-end retail sales has given him a mature perspective of the service needs of the luxury client whom he eagerly anticipates serving upon graduation.

Moon graduated from NAIOSW Certified Watchmaking Course in March 2011. His current plans are to stay in Texas and work for Richemont Technical Center in Fort Worth.

Travis Hines



“I have always loved repairing things and seeing how things work. Having the opportunity to be a part of a profession that can bring that joy to my career while presenting new challenges and endless things to learn is a perfect match for me,” says Travis Hines.

Building and painting models since the age of ten has given Travis an eye for detail and a head-start on dexterity – both important elements of successful watchmaking.

Travis’ ultimate goal is to become an expert at restoration work and hopes to do that work in conjunction with a brand service center.

Steve Thompson


Steve Thompson has an eye for detail, is able to focus on a task for long periods of time, and has a calm demeanor - three characteristics that will serve him well as a watchmaker.

His interest in history and mechanical objects are the icing on the cake for this former pastry chef. Although watch repair and cooking may seem unrelated, Steve points out that the willingness and patience to develop skills is at the heart of any good craftsman whether they be a chef, a carpenter, or a watchmaker.
Steve looks forward to being a highly skilled watchmaker working in a large community of watchmakers, eventually using his skills to help train and develop junior watchmakers.

Eric Harding

ERIC HARDING2Eric Harding, a native Texan, sees a connection between the finger skills needed to play a guitar and the hand skills necessary to be a watchmaker.

He is particularly interested in watchmaking as a career because of the level of detail of the work and the responsibility the technician has for the quality of the outcome of the repair.

Eric eagerly anticipates the customer service aspect of the profession and is open to working wherever his greatest opportunity for success may be.

Bennie Hernandez

Bennie Hernandez2Bennie Hernandez first became interested in watchmaking as a profession after spending time working in a clock shop in his home town in Idaho. Bennie describes himself as, “Someone who likes to use my hands to understand how things work.”

Always interested in learning new things, Bennie exhibits a passion for old mechanical watches and for modern repair technology. This combination of interests coupled with a strong mechanical ability ensures a lifetime of return from his investment in watchmaking education.