Over the past 15 years Switzerland has produced almost 100 million watches that combine high quality and cutting-edge technology. In order to ensure a regular after-sales service for these models as well as those of the future, the market needs qualified watchmakers all around the world.

At a time when the trend is towards shorter watchmaking courses and sometimes even, in certain countries, watchmaking schools are closing down, a broad range of donors are supporting WOSTEP financially in order to perpetuate the skill of watchmaking for after-sales service.

The generosity of various Swiss watch brands, international watchmaking organisations and retailers enables WOSTEP to fulfil its mission to conserve high-quality know-how while promoting watchmaking as a career and creating awareness.

A selection of partnership schools offer the WOSTEP 3,000-hour course in nine different countries, thus guaranteeing high-quality training tailored to meet the needs of the Swiss watch industry.

In Neuchâtel, WOSTEP offers a basic training course for students from countries where the 3,000-hour course is not available, as well as further training for professional watchmakers and sales and administrative staff in the watch sector.

For WOSTEP it is essential to be able to adapt to current conditions and, more importantly, to the requirements of the future. For this reason it has adopted the motto “We move with the times and prepare for the future”.

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