The Foundation offers training programmes for sales staff and managers at brands' own stores and for distributors of Fine Watches. Their purpose is to transfer key knowledge and expertise for specialised sales staff in Fine Watches, and to develop understanding of timepieces and how they are made with the ultimate goal of better satisfying the final customer.

These short, results-oriented courses are based on substantial sales experience. Through them, the Foundation helps to improve staff's performance by giving them an even firmer grasp of the skills required to attract, inform and convince all those with a deep appreciation of Fine Watches. They are a sign of credibility and professionalism in the end customer's eyes.
Training is organised as seven units for groups of sales staff from different stores. The Foundation can also adapt these units on request for a given store, chain of stores, or brand.


The Foundation is concerned with every stage in a watch's existence, from the first ideas set down on paper to the moment of sale, when staff must demonstrate their ability to personally advise the customer, and beyond this to after-sales service.

With this vocation in mind, the FHH has developed the International Expert-Consultant Certificate which distinguishes, country by country, the specialist sales staff who excel in the art of promoting and selling Fine Watches.

The International Expert-Consultant Certificate is of uniquely important value within the profession because it is recognised by the leading watch companies, retailers and the Foundation's Ambassadors in each country.


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