When completing the application form for one of the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking's ("IOSW") schools, that is the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking ("NAIOSW ") and/or the Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking ("HKIOSW ") and/or the China Institute of Swiss Watchmaking ("CNIOSW"), all Applicants will be required to provide specific information about themselves. Providing this information is obligatory in order to assess each application.

In the event that consent is withheld or personal information not provided, the IOSW schools may reject applications for the WOSTEP program, such information being required to evaluate candidates during the assessment process. All personal information will be incorporated in a personal information file and completed whilst studying with one of the IOSW schools.

Students are advised that the IOSW schools holds information about them not only to manage student recruitment, admission and registration but also with regard to study, examination, graduation and other student services including post study careers. Information is shared between various sections of the IOSW schools in North America, Hong Kong and China for operational reasons (for example, the Data Officer notifies changes of address to the various departments on a 'need to know' basis).

Such information may also be disclosed to external agencies where the IOSW or one of the schools has a legal obligation to inform such agencies, for example Student loan companies, other sponsors, local authorities, etc.

If, at the end of the WOSTEP program, students have unpaid debts to either of the IOSW schools, the IOSW may, at its discretion, pass this information to debt collecting agencies.

The IOSW schools also use student information, notably, as follows

  • providing progress reports to student sponsors of students (except relatives);
  • publication of the names of graduating students in the degree ceremony graduation programme;
  • informing other educational institutions of the degree awards made to their former pupils;
  • providing references to education institutions and potential employers.

Furthermore, student data may be transmitted to companies affiliated to Richemont.

With respect to the processing of personal information carried out by the IOSW and its schools, students maintain the right, in particular, to receive confirmation as to the existence or non-
existence of such Personal Information, the manner in which such Personal Information is used, the right to obtain the communication, in an understandable form, of the processed Personal
formation and of their origin, together with information regarding the motives for processing such Personal Information.

On leaving an IOSW school, Students may also request that such Personal Information is removed, updated or otherwise modified or that their data be made anonymous.

If students do not wish the IOSW schools to use their information for such purposes, they must inform their local Academic Office in writing.

In addition, should students not wish their degree award details published in newspapers or the graduation booklet, or if they do not want their former educational institutions to be informed of their awards, then written notice must be given to their Academic Office within seven days of completing final examinations.

They receive the alumni magazine and other information offering the opportunity to stay in contact with fellow students and the IOSW. Should students not wish to receive such communications, they must notify their Academic Office – this can be done at any time after students have qualified.

Personal Information is maintained by each of the IOWS schools respectively with regard to their students and they will use their best endeavours to ensure that Personal Information is kept secure, in particular, that access to Personal Information will be secured and password protected at all times, the access profile being made available to authorised personnel only.

Should students have any queries about the protection of their Personal Information, they should contact the Academic office of their school.

By signing the present statement or clicking on the “consent” button You confirm that you explicitly consent to the processing of Your Personal Information and to the communication of such Personal Information as described above.